STEP 1: Put the stretch bar together and make sure they are vertical to each other.

STEP 2: Measure 5 cm. each side and fold them up across the black line marked on the canvas.

STEP 3:  Face down the framed and make sure it is in the center of the canvas.

STEP 4:  Pull the 5 cm. border up and put a staple tightly in the center with the staple gun.

STEP 5: Turn to the opposite side, pull up the border and make sure it is tight enough and put a staple.

STEP 6: Do the same process to the left sides. All we need to stretch very tough.

STEP 7: Go to the first side, put the staple on the right and left side about 2 inched apart.

STEP 8: Pull up the side at the corner tightly.

STEP 9: Leave a staple at least 2 inches away from the edges.

STEP 10: Fold the canvas as the picture showed.

STEP 11: Pull the canvas back and onto the bottom side and make sure it is tight enough.

STEP 12: Put a staple on the corner. Do the same process to the left corners.

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